Ants In My Pants!!!!!

Ok, ok.  Here we are.  I caved.  I’m moving to Word Press.  Ok, ok.  Admittedly, I’m just kinda trying this out, but I have a feeling I won’t be leaving anytime soon.  After every fabulous thing I keep hearing, I’m sure I’m going to fall in love.  It’s a little silly, I think that I managed to post 3 new posts  on my Blogspot, and then suddenly made the choice to shimmy over here.  Why, you say?  Because I’m a drone.  I’m a copycat.  (Yes, WM, it’s all your fault dear.  You’re the only one to blame.)  Well, that and my Droid has a Word Press app and not a designated Blogspot app.  Word Press wins!!!

NOW, I think I shall move the last 3 posts over here, just for simplicity’s sake, (and because I’m horribly neurotic), and we’ll get this partay started!!!

Woop, woop!



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2 responses to “Ants In My Pants!!!!!

  1. Thea

    So this is the new one right? Yay!!

  2. Yup!! Here it is! So glad you found me, chickadee. :-*

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