Blah, blah, blah…. so about that.

I’ve been shamed into posting.  I’ve been stalling… and I’m not entirely sure why.  I’ve been wanting to post the final part of my labor story on JUST the right day, but I haven’t been feeling that special moment… and I feel guilty blogging about anything else until I finish THAT story!  Silly, silly.  So, instead of continuing to stall out, I’ll give you a little teaser.  This was originally my long-winded into to part 3, but I’ll just make it an entirely separate post, and that way, my labor finale will have a moment all its own.  How special!

“We’re Having a Baby!”

So, just to show you how much of a Gleek I really am, when I see the title I’ve given this post, I start thinking of Finn singing to Quinn at her parents’ dinner table, “You’re havin’ my bay-beh!” Which makes me laugh because the song is so cheesy in the first place. And then that just makes me think of the idea of knowing the sex of your baby by 8-10 weeks based on an ultrasound (bwahahahaha!!!!!), not to mention that, after having experienced the joys of natural labor, very nearly every TV depiction of the event makes me erupt in peals of hysterical laughter! Cuz that’s just not how it goes, Peaches! Hate to burst your pretty little bubble.

So, if you’ve remotely based your own perception of childbirth on what network TV has managed to concoct – because they were all grown, not birthed, which is how they developed their extensive knowledge of the subject, as rare an occurance as it is – it’s time for a re-education! Don’t worry, I’ll spare you that from me. Just do yourself a favor and watch some real videos so you can be prepared. Childbirth is amazing and TV just cheapens it.

In other exciting news, I just made my first Steal from Baby Steals yesterday!  I finally decided on the cloth diapering system that I like best, GroBaby – now GroVia, since I just managed to catch up – and got my “Experience” kit in the mail last week.  It’s FABULOUS!!!!!  So, yesterday, Baby Steals was having a “One Steal After Another” day and I was sitting with baited breath, waiting to see if I could catch anything truly fabulous.

One of the LAST steals of the day was a set of 3 GroBaby shells and 150 Bio Soakers (disposible liners) and I shreaked and jumped at the chance to get a set before they sold out.  And I got it!!!


Now that I’m off to a decent start with switching over to cloth diapering, I think I’ll be able to breath a little easier.  No more worrying about running out of diapers, or figuring out what size my baby girl is wearing now, because it won’t matter!  One size diapers are the best.

Stay tuned…. part 3 REALLY is coming soon.  I promise. 😀


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  1. I cloth diapers my first two babies (not for eco purposes, but because we were dirt POOR!) Ha ha! But I actually came to feel really good about doing such a great thing for the environment and the boys were none the worse for it.

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