The Best First Mothers’ Day

I have to say, I was pretty excited to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day this year.  I have my baby girl, who is the most incredible angel, I really don’t think I could ask for a better baby.  Honestly, there are so many days when I think someone’s going to hit the “Gotcha!” button and she’s going to start acting like a “normal” baby.  Well, I figure I’m grateful for as long as it lasts!!

Back in April, I started my business with Gigi Hill.  Great handbags and accessories, and I am so blessed and grateful that God put this business in my path.  The DAY after my Launch Party, I was scheduled to do a fundraiser for some dear friends of mine who were participating in the AVON Breast Cancer Walk.  As I’m sure you remember, that was where I met my fabulous friend Koryn.  She is a hero in my eyes, not only for the fight she put up with her cancer, but with the way she continues to fight DAILY, giving other women the information that could have saved her the misery she experienced.  Read my post about her here.

Shortly after our first meeting, Koryn told me about another mommy blogger who was hosting a giveaway of one of Koryn’s beautiful The Taffy Box designs.  Christine from A Mama Stork Knows featured a necklace of Koryn’s that I had already picked as one of my favorite designs, and I was very excited for the opportunity to enter.  MUCH to my surprise, I clicked on her blog to see who had won, and found my name listed!!!  I was THRILLED!

On the inside of the locket is written the word “Blessed.”  As a mother, I do feel so much so with my beautiful baby girl and an incredible husband at my side.  After I received the necklace, Koryn provided me with something even more amazing – a stamped plate with my daughter’s name, and a peridot crystal birth stone.  These are nestled away inside the locket, like my own special little secret.

Of all the jewelry I have ever owned, this necklace is admittedly my favorite thus far.  I plan on wearing it to my daughter’s wedding and she WILL like it, thankyouverymuch.


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