Little Shop of Doughnuts

Tonight, I was very excited because I was planning to drive up to Alexandria to see my friend Jay perform as the voice of Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. They open tomorrow night (Friday), and you can get ticket information from  I also had the fabulous pleasure of spending a few minutes there with my friend Gaia who is doing the lighting design.  THAT GIRL IS SO TALENTED!!!!!  She amazes me. ❤

After a little search for some company while I watched their dress rehearsal, I ended up meeting my dear friend Katy and her friend Luke at the high school where MPAT is performing.  My problem, however, came in GETTING there.

You’d think after about 23 years of living in this area, and over a decade of driving around here, I’d know my way around.  The truth is, I’d be lost without my GPS.  No seriously.  I would literally have no friggin clue where I was.  I am so directionally challenged it’s a nightmare.  I think I’ve actually only met one person who has me beat.  It’s just not a good thing.  So, what should have been a 25 minute drive took me nearly 50 after going the wrong way a couple times, missing my exit, and taking the long way around my elbow to… well, you know…  Yeah, even my GPS couldn’t get me out of this one.  FAIL, Google Maps!

By the time I finally got to the theater, I was 30 minutes late.  Thank goodness it was a dress rehearsal!  There were still so many people running around working to make things fabulous, that I think they barely noticed me.  That’s the beautiful thing about being a Theatre Kid… you get dress rehearsals, they just are what they are!

I snuck a couple pictures from the show… please forgive the quality.  They’re from my phone, about half way back in the auditorium, and low lights.  Enjoy!!

Audrey singing with the Doo-wap Girls. These ladies all had fabulous voices!


Seymour singing with Audrey II. Loved these two! And the whole time, Matt, playing Seymour, reminded me of "Roman" from Mr. Sunshine. So funny!

After the show — which, by the way, does NOT end the same way they finished the movie.  That was a little bit startling to me.  The only real experience I have with Little Shop of Horrors was from about 6-7 years ago when I was pulling all nighters doing projects for my costuming classes.  I would stay up and watch movies on demand while working on my projects.  Little Shop was on my list.  The endings are definitely pretty different.  And honestly, this was only surprising to me because I didn’t already know the theatrical version.  Hollywood is always glamming things up and giving things Disney endings.   I’m pretty sure the movie cuts about half a dozen small musical numbers too.

I had an amazing time watching the show, and laughing so hard with my friends that we were in TEARS!  Jay was the most perfect fit they could have found for the voice of Audrey II, and so many things he did were classically JAY, and it just made it that much more hysterical for us.  It was perfection!!!

After the show, I went back north a little ways, because on my way down, I’d noticed that I was less than a mile away from the closest Krispy Kreme in our area!!!  I almost never get up to that part of town, so it’s a very rare treat for me.  And imagine my luck – THE HOT SIGN WAS ON!!!!!!!  I died.  No really.  You didn’t have that first doughnut I had.  I died.

Heaven is a little place in Alexandria. *sigh*


My yummy selection. Yeah, I know you're jealous. Eeep!!

So, after coming home, of COURSE I had to share my fabulous experience with you.  You’re welcome. :-*


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