We’re Not Trying to Hurt You (via The Adventures of Lactating Girl)

I’m not always great at using my words. It’s not that I don’t try, but sometimes what I’m TRYING to say doesn’t come out right. I say something stupid that wasn’t QUITE what I meant (and really, if I’d said what I really meant it wouldn’t have sounded so bad, I promise!), and I inevitably offend someone.

I have no choice but to recognize and acknowledge that I am most that way about topics I’m passionate about, like breastfeeding, natural birth, etc. However, when I find someone who has managed to say what I’m really feeling (and am miserable at expressing effectively), I want to share that with you. To any I HAVE offended, or any whom I may inadvertently offend by cramming my foot so far down my throat it’s in my stomach, please refer back to this. This woman has said exactly what I feel and will always intend. I can only pray that my heart will be expressed by my mouth at the right times.

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We're Not Trying to Hurt YouIt seems like every time I turn around, I’m offending someone. I try to word things in ways that aren’t offensive to formula feeding moms, but it’s difficult to get the point across without causing moms to go on the defensive. I never judge a mom for formula feeding. I would never try to tell you that you’re a bad mother. Two o … Read More

via The Adventures of Lactating Girl


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One response to “We’re Not Trying to Hurt You (via The Adventures of Lactating Girl)

  1. theadventuresoflactatinggirl

    Thanks so much for sharing my post! I’m also notorious for shoving my foot in my mouth. I’m happy someone else can empathize!

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