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So There’s This Dress..

In December, my mom and I became mall walkers. We walk at least 2 miles a day, 6 days week. It’s actually been great way for me to get motivation to work out a bit, and I’ve finally started seeing a difference in my body. Finally!!

One negative side effect of all this walking, however, is all the window shopping I end up doing. On one hand, I pretend to play dress up. On the other, I get some major fashion envy.

This is the moment that I was hoping to show you a picture of said dress, but the interwebs seem to be oblivious. Tragic! I have been eying this dress since it was in the window display at Benetton before Christmas. It is blue (or purple, or black), and the fabric has been knotted in a very cool way in the front that kind of reminds me of when we would all tie our t-shirts off to the side in the 80s. We were sooo cool!

Yesterday, I went into the store because I noticed the window had been changed. There are still some left, AND they’re on clearance for 50% off! Sadly, it’s still $40, but I so love this dress. And my poor little wardrobe needs all the help it can get! So, I begged my husband, and he said yes!! So now, it’s time to go try the darn thing on and pray to God it fits right! Because, really, I want to wear it tonight. I would feel so fashionable and cool. And if you know me, you know how badly I need my fashion to lie for me. Ha!!

If I have any luck, you will see pictures soon!!


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