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So There’s This Dress..

In December, my mom and I became mall walkers. We walk at least 2 miles a day, 6 days week. It’s actually been great way for me to get motivation to work out a bit, and I’ve finally started seeing a difference in my body. Finally!!

One negative side effect of all this walking, however, is all the window shopping I end up doing. On one hand, I pretend to play dress up. On the other, I get some major fashion envy.

This is the moment that I was hoping to show you a picture of said dress, but the interwebs seem to be oblivious. Tragic! I have been eying this dress since it was in the window display at Benetton before Christmas. It is blue (or purple, or black), and the fabric has been knotted in a very cool way in the front that kind of reminds me of when we would all tie our t-shirts off to the side in the 80s. We were sooo cool!

Yesterday, I went into the store because I noticed the window had been changed. There are still some left, AND they’re on clearance for 50% off! Sadly, it’s still $40, but I so love this dress. And my poor little wardrobe needs all the help it can get! So, I begged my husband, and he said yes!! So now, it’s time to go try the darn thing on and pray to God it fits right! Because, really, I want to wear it tonight. I would feel so fashionable and cool. And if you know me, you know how badly I need my fashion to lie for me. Ha!!

If I have any luck, you will see pictures soon!!


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New Adventures!

So, one week ago, I decided I didn’t have enough going on in my life, and I decided to start a SECOND at-home business!!! I’ve been selling lia sophia for 3 years, and I really love it, but I found these really great purses…. and I just couldn’t help myself! I guess you could consider this a sort of product review, because I am DYING to get these bags out there!!!!

I went to a Gigi Hill party at the end of February. Acutally, I guess you could say I invited my self. My mom was going and I informed her that I was going with her. I’d found the website online about a year prior (JUST after the website went live, I might add!!!) and I wanted to see more.

Here’s what I found out. All their purses and accessories are named after famous women of the silverscreen. The Actresses and the characters they made great. They were all designed by two soccer moms who were sick and tired of wasting money on a handbag that just wasn’t cutting it. Together, they designed their Signature Pocket Design, which is included in every purse, and began building a purse empire, one stitch at a time.

From the party, I deliberated and hemmed and hawed over what bag I would get. Seriously, I monopolized everyone’s time for a good half hour. I finally decided on their signature bag, the Audrey.

Girls, let me tell you, this bag is AMAZING!!!!! It has a sturdy design, solid structure, and more pockets than I’ve ever seen! Well, more pockets with specific purpose.

On one side, there’s a deep zipper pouch, flanked by 2 roomy pen pockets and a clip-on key fob. You’ll never lose your keys at the bottom of your purse again! On the other side, there are three clear pockets that are the perfect size for documents, lipstick, business cards, cell phone, etc. There are also two velcro pockets that are the perfect size for water bottles, or girly stuff you want to keep discrete, or even containers of baby food! This sucker’s got it all!

If you’re still feeling short on organization, they also offer different sized zip pouches that you can use for everything ranging from coupons, odds and ends, as a money bag, diapers, and change of clothes (for baby), paperwork, etc.

I can assure you that I was not paid in any way to write this review, BUT using my purse made me love it so much that I wanted to start GETTING paid for selling the purses!

Check out Gigi Hill online to find out more about the different styles and fabrics they have to offer. If you’re local, I can set up a home party with you so you can earn free product. If you’re too far away, I can still hook you up with some great product, and we can still talk about show options, or about getting your own business started so you can enjoy all the benefits as much as I do. Woop-woop!


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